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Using the latest technology and cutting-edge treatment, patients of all ages can experience nose and sinus relief fast. Dr. Reddy is a board certified otolaryngologist specializing in rhinologic procedures and surgeries in the Marlton, New Jersey area. If you are suffering from any nose or sinus symptoms, Dr. Reddy can help.


From nose bleeds to deviated septums, we have the experience to uncover the root of the problem and provide you with lasting solutions for your ENT-related condition.

In-Office Procedures

We are fully equipped for in-office ENT surgeries such as septoplasties, ethmoidectomies, or turbinate reductions. This makes it easier to receive treatment and recover faster than traditional surgery.


When the need for surgery arises, you can rest assured that your procedure will be handled safely and effectively. Dr. Reddy has performed numerous ENT surgeries with outstanding success rates.

How can an otolaryngologist help?

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality care for each individual patient. Stop living with limitations and contact Reddy Sinus today.

Discover Sinus Relief

Don’t suffer through your symptoms. Dr. Reddy and his staff are here to provide effective treatment to your unique condition, surgical or non-surgical. Dr. Reddy’s expertise allows him to perform advanced sinus surgery in his office in some cases, so you can experience results fast! If you are looking to improve your quality of life, breathe better, and feel like yourself again, contact Reddy Sinus today.

Surgery Expertise with Transparency

Watch actual videos of Dr. Reddy’s surgeries on the Reddy Sinus Youtube channel. Videos contain graphic content – Viewer discretion advised.

Reddy Sinus ENT Youtube Channel

Reddy Sinus

Patient Testimonials

“I had thyroid surgery for cancer by Dr. Reddy and am so happy with the results. It has been only a few months and you can hardly see the scar! He is my favorite doctor and he is an expert surgeon. I could not recommend him enough. I have more treatment left but I am so comfortable with his care. He is a godsend!”

Tami J.

“Dr. Reddy is amazing!!!!! I have suffered from chronic nasal polyps which caused a loss of taste and smell for over 5yrs. I had surgery in July, which was great no pain or complications. I am so happy my senses of taste and smell have returned. I am very happy with the outcome and would recommend Dr. Reddy to everyone, his office staff is wonderful also.”

Velise H.

“Very pleased with Dr. Reddy! Had nasal surgery done by him at Capital Health, Hopewell in October 2020. He made the whole process easy, and for me, completely pain free. He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain each step needed in a caring, non-rushed manner. I would definitely recommend Dr. Reddy to anyone looking for a ENT doctor in the area.”

Pliar K.

Experienced ENT Surgeon

Dr. Reddy is a high-volume sinus surgeon. He performs more than one hundred sinonasal surgeries and procedures per year. Find out how procedures performed by a high-volume ear nose & throat surgeon have better surgical outcomes.

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