About ClariFix®

ClariFix is a new device that helps you decrease your sinus symptoms and congestion by interrupting nerve signals from the nose. ClariFix cryotherapy is a safe, clinically proven, and minimally invasive treatment that targets the source of your symptoms for lasting relief. Dr. Reddy performs Clarifix cryotherapy right in the office and has minimal downtime and recovery.


ClariFix® Treatment

ClariFix is a medical device that delivers cryogen to the back of the nose where the vidian nerve is located. This device freezes and inactivates this nerve in the hopes of reducing the amount of nasal drip from allergic or vasomotor rhinitis. The procedure is very quick and only takes a few minutes on each side of the nose. To decrease the risk of an “ice cream headache” during the procedure, I routinely inject the nose with a little bit of numbing medication. This procedure has helped many of my patients who have been suffering from a chronic runny nose.

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