About Ear Tube Placement

Sometimes an ear tube (tympanostomy pressure equalization tube) is necessary to treat a middle ear effusion and eustachian tube dysfunction if medical therapy is unsuccessful. An eardrum is an airtight membrane that separates the outer ear from the middle ear. The pressure behind this fragile membrane should be equal to the atmospheric/pressure outside of our bodies, but when it becomes blocked or inflamed, the pressure can become unequal and cause fluid to build up in your middle ear. If you experience chronic ear infections or fluid in the ear, an ear tube may be able to help.


Ear Tube Treatment

Dr. Reddy offers ear tube insertion in his office under local anesthesia with little to no discomfort involved. A pressure equalization tube helps relieve the symptoms of middle ear effusion and eustachian tube dysfunction by allowing fluid to drain more easily from your middle ear to your throat. This procedure can be performed quickly and easily in Dr. Reddy’s office with no incisions.

Watch an Ear Tube Placement Procedure

Ear Tube Placement Procedure

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