Deviated Septum Surgery

Dr. Reddy has extensive experience in treating patients suffering from side effects of a deviated septum with endoscopic septoplasty surgery. One of the safest and most effective ENT surgeries. A septoplasty can be performed with the traditional open approach or an endoscopic approach. The traditional open approach involves wearing a headlight and making an incision in the front part of the nostril. The endoscopic approach involves using a video camera system for visualization. Only a minority of otolaryngologists routinely perform endoscopic septoplasties as it is technically more challenging.

Dr. Reddy performs endoscopic septoplasties because of it’s improved visualization, especially the superior and posterior portions of the septum. An endoscopic approach often allows the surgical incision placement in a more hidden posterior portion of the nose, rather than close to the front of the nostril. In select cases, an endoscopic septoplasty may allow for a more minimally invasive approach if the deviation is in a specific location.

Watch an Endoscopic Septoplasty Surgery

Endoscopic Septoplasty

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