Frequently Asked Questions

When do you need to see a doctor for a sinus infection?

If over the counter medications aren’t working and symptoms last a long time or become worse, make an appointment to figure out the cause of your symptoms.

What causes nasal obstruction? Do you treat it?

Nasal congestion and blockage can be explained through four main causes: structural abnormalities, infection, allergic and nonallergic rhinitis. We treat all the underlying causes of nasal congestion and blockage.

Why do we have sinuses?

No one knows for sure! It is theorized that the sinuses are an evolutionary adaption to protect our heads during head trauma. The sinuses may act like a crumple zone during an impact to protect the brain from traumatic forces.

What are treatment options for nasal drip?

Nasal drip has a wide variety of treatment options. Allergic rhinitis treatments are antihistamines, topical/oral steroids, saline irrigations, & immunotherapy. Atrovent nasal spray is an effective way to treat non-allergic rhinitis. Alternatives to medical treatment are in-office procedures such as cryoablation or turbinate reduction.

What is an otolaryngologist?

An otolaryngologist treats infections and diseases of the ear, neck, & throat.

How are nasal polyps treated and removed?

A nasal polyp is usually treated with steroid spray. They are most common in people with allergies, cystic fibrosis, or infections. We can recommend more aggressive treatments if steroids do not work.

What type of conditions require balloon sinuplasty?

Balloon Sinuplasty treats chronic congestive sinusitis, nasal polyps, & nasal obstruction due to allergies. A small balloon is inserted into the nasal passage and inflated with sterile saline to gently separate congested areas of the sinuses from one another so they can drain.

Do you offer VivAer or RhinAer at your practice?

Yes, our office uses ViVaer to treat nasal airway obstruction and RhinAer to treat chronic rhinitis. No surgery or downtime required for these low-risk, high-success procedures.

Surgery FAQs

Do you offer a second opinion for sinus problems? Do you offer repeat surgery if I’ve had previous surgery elsewhere in the past?

Dr. Reddy routinely sees patients for second opinions for their sinus issues (especially if they have been recommended surgery elsewhere). He takes a conservative and step-wise approach for all his patients. He also routinely performs revision (or repeat) sinus surgery on patients that have had surgery elsewhere in the past.

Does a deviated septum always require surgery?

No, most patients with a deviated septum do not need surgery. If there are symptoms of nasal obstruction, often nasal sprays or allergy therapy may be enough to decrease swelling and provide sufficient airflow.

Do you treat malignant, cancerous tumors and neck masses surgically?

Yes, our office treats thyroid conditions, lymphoma, and squamous cell carcinoma among other malignancies. We also treat benign neck masses like pleomorphic adenomas, lipomas, thyroglossal duct cysts, branchial cleft cysts, & thyroid goiters.

What is the point of sinus surgery?

The goal of sinus surgery is to enlarge the natural ostia (or openings) to the sinuses. This allows for improved drainage, ventilation and function of the sinuses.

Is sinus surgery or septoplasty covered by my insurance?

Yes! All functional nasal and sinus surgery is typically covered by insurance. As any medical care, patients are responsible for their own co-pays and deductibles as their insurance plan outlines.

Is ear tube placement painful?

Our office offers ear tube insertion in-office under local anesthesia with little to no discomfort involved. A pressure equalization tube helps relieve the symptoms of middle ear effusion and eustachian tube dysfunction by allowing fluid to drain more easily from your middle ear to your throat.

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