About RhinAer

The RhinAer® Procedure is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment option for individuals who have moderate to severe chronic rhinitis. Millions of people with chronic rhinitis know what a burden a stuffy nose can be on their everyday lives. Instead of constantly using medicines and sprays to manage symptoms, you can schedule an in-office RhinAer procedure with Dr. Reddy and get lasting relief from your rhinitis.


RhinAer Treatment

By disrupting the signals that cause symptoms, the RhinAer treatment provides long-term relief. This office-friendly technique with RhinAer Stylus allows your ENT doctor to treat several areas and disrupt the posterior nasal nerve that causes rhinitis. The surgery may be done under a local anesthetic in an ENT doctor’s office with no incisions and little pain. Don’t let your chronic rhinitis symptoms get in the way of living your life, schedule an appointment with Reddy Sinus today.

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