“I recently was referred to Dr. Reddy by my primary for a serious issue involving my throat and sinuses. He saw me within an hour which I greatly appreciated. His examination was very thorough, including a scope and he had another Doctor from the practice come in to take a look as well. He took his time and explained my condition in detail and the steps to follow including surgery. He is a very attentive, caring and compassionate Doctor. I will continue to see him, and would recommend him for anyone with ENT issues.”


“When i first walked in into the office it was a very pleasant experience. I didn’t have to wait long to be seen. When explained my symptoms to Dr Reddy he listened and ordered testing immediately. After testing it came down to me needing surgery. (septoplasty- for deviated septum)I was nervous of course but i felt very comfortable and he was also very confident in his work. Surgery went well. the first week was a bit of struggle. To make a long story short after my splints came out i almost cried but held it in. I wanted to huge him. I have never been able to breath the way i did/do in my life. Forever Thankful :)”


“Dr Reddy is an incredibly unique physician: he is empathetic and a fantastic communicator. When I came to see him for near-daily sinus headaches Dr. Reddy went above and beyond to explain the situation, likely causes, and potential methods to alleviate my condition. Throughout about a year of visits, a medication regiment, and eventual sinus surgery, I always felt like Dr. Reddy had my absolute best interest in mind, and we made shared decisions about next steps concerning my health. And today thanks to him I can breath better than ever before and will hopefully soon see a major reduction, if not elimination, of sinus headaches. I would highly recommend Dr. Reddy and his practice for any ENT related health concerns.”


“I had thyroid surgery for cancer by Dr. Reddy and am so happy with the results. It has been only a few months and you can hardly see the scar! He is my favorite doctor and he is an expert surgeon. I could not recommend him enough. I have more treatment left but I am so comfortable with his care. He is a godsend!”

Tami J.

“Dr. Reddy is very thorough and patient with his clients. Highly recommended.”

Diane M.

“Dr. Reddy is very knowledgeable especially in consideration with a rare condition that I have. He takes the time to explain your condition and treatment options that are most beneficial to you. Staff is so caring and kind. I had a great experience here and highly recommend seeing this doctor if you have any reservations about an ENT don’t with Dr. Reddy. He truly knows his stuff.”

Lisa B.

“This dr. knows his business. great dr. – patient interaction, he talks to you. he solved my issue with care and knowledge.”

Bob L.

“Very happy with Dr. Reddy and the entire staff. My septoplasty surgery was a complete success and all my pre and post op visits were on time and thorough.”

Kent H.

“Very pleased with Dr. Reddy! Had nasal surgery done by him at Capital Health, Hopewell in October 2020. He made the whole process easy, and for me, completely pain free. He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain each step needed in a caring, non-rushed manner. I would definitely recommend Dr. Reddy to anyone looking for a ENT doctor in the area.”

Pilar K.

“Dr. Reddy is an outstanding surgeon and physician. I am also in the medical profession and am a demanding judge of talent. I could have gone anywhere for my complex sinus problem. I chose him because of his reputation among his peers. My experience exceeded all expectations. The office staff is efficient and courteous, Dr. Reddy is compassionate and caring to complement his considerable cognitive and technical skills. I had a perfect outcome from a complex procedure that solved a long-term problem and greatly improved my quality of life. Look no further if you need an ENT doc.”

Louis D.

“Easy to make an appointment and friendly, professional office and medical staff.”

David C.

“My whole family now sees Dr. Reddy. My son had his tonsils and adenoids removed for snoring and now no longer snores. I have suffered with sinus polyps and he performed sinus surgery to remove them. I can now breathe again! He is patient, caring and does great work. I cannot recommend him or his staff enough.”

John M.

“Dr Reddy help my husband Kevin with all sorts of procedures.He is now breathing much better and is sleeping thru the night.Also he put in large tubes in his ear and this has helped with his hearing and less ear infections.Dr Reddy takes his time and explains everything so you no what’s happening.”

Mary H.

“I had a loss of smell/constant congestion. I found Dr. Reddy to be very knowledgeable, he performed sinus surgery on me using the latest techniques. Post surgery, I’m able to breathe through both nostrils for the first time in years plus my sense of smell returned. Dr. Reddy has since continued to work with me to come up with a plan to manage my allergies by using sprays and rinses to keep my sinuses clear. Every time I go for an appointment with Dr. Reddy, I feel like I am in very good hands!”

Jonathan B.

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