About Turbinate Reduction

A Turbinate Reduction is an in-office surgery for those who suffer from unilateral or bilateral nasal obstruction that limits their ability to breathe easily. By reducing the size of turbinates, there is more room for airflow through the nose. This procedure can be done quickly and easily under local anesthesia with no incisions or sutures required. Dr. Reddy is experienced in Radiofrequency Ablation Turbinate Reduction as well as Microdebrider Turbinate Reduction.

Turbinate Reduction ENT Reddy Sinus

Turbinate Reduction Treatment

A common cause of nasal obstruction and congestion is inferior turbinate hypertrophy. By reducing the size of the inferior turbinate there is more room in the nose for airflow and allows you to breathe easily. This procedure can be performed as an outpatient surgery and is effective in treating chronic nasal congestion.

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