About Vivaer®

With the Vivaer procedure, you can breathe easier and more comfortably without any incisions. Dr. Reddy performs this surgery right in the office using controlled radiofrequency energy to reshape nasal tissues gently to help improve airflow. The Vivaer Nasal Airway Remodeling Procedure, recovery is quick, and you’ll likely experience a noticeable improvement in your nasal breathing right away.


Vivaer® Treatment

The Vivaer treatment employs a device that delivers low-temperature radio-frequency energy to the cartilage and tissue in your nose for contracting and tightening. It redefines the nasal valve area, allowing for improved air flow. There is no incision or stitching required with Vivaer, and the results are instant. This minimally invasive procedure can be scheduled at any of our Reddy Sinus locations. Schedule a consultation today!


A blocked-up nose shouldn’t shut down your life. Many of the millions of patients suffering from nasal airway obstruction (NAO) are frustrated by their quality of life and would welcome a way to find proven, long-lasting relief from their condition. VivAer is an office-friendly, incisionless, non-invasive procedure that offers patients freedom from NAO. Read more about ViVaer and see patient testimonials on our blog.

Take a Quick Breathing Assessment

To Find Out If You Are A Candidate for VivAer

Perform This Easy Breathing Test

Follow these two simple steps called Cottle’s Maneuver:

Step 1. Place two fingertips on your cheeks, on each side of your nose.

Step 2. Gently press and pull outward to further open your nasal passage. While holding, breathe through your nose.

If pulling outward helped you breath easier, and you had a high score on the assessment above, you may be a candidate. Dr. Reddy can tell you more and solve your issues in-office without surgery.

Breathing Test

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